Hippy Days Stainless Steel Water Bottle


What can I tell you about this water bottle that will make you buy it?

Dude! It has a KOMBI on it!  ’nuff said.

Ok, so you want more?  How about the fact that by investing in a reusable water bottle you’ll save money on buying bottled water AND help reduce the environmental impact from the plastic landfill caused by said bottled water.

Ever brought a reusable water bottle only to then have it leak all through your gym bag?  No one likes soggy socks and what you need is a bottle with a screw-top lid that won’t leak!  What a coincidence, we have one right here for you!

Don’t like this particular ‘Hippy Days’ design? That’s ok, we won’t take it personally. Before you go though, you may just want to check out the other designs on offer here because we reckon you’ll find one you love!

NOTE:  This water bottle is actually blue, not teal as appears in main image. I asked my teenager daughter if she knew how to fix it but she just mumbled something that sounded like ‘I dunno, put a filter on it’, whatever that means?

So instead I bribed the youngest daughter with M&M’s to let me take a photo of her, as seen in the second image. You can admire her cuteness while you’re checking out the truer-to-life-without-a-filter-needed colour of the water bottle.

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Double walled stainless steel water bottle with secure screw top lid.


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