All Seasons Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Retro Caravans are so on trend right now!  If, like us, you can’t decide what particular style of old skool van is your favourite then at least you can admire ALL of them on this funky stainless steel water bottle!

We all know that investing in a good quality reusuable water bottle saves plastic right?  But have you considered how much money this bottle is going to save you?

How much is bottled water nowadays? Like 5 bucks a pop?  Say you go on a stroll along a beach once a day and buy a bottle of water at the local kiosk every time.  You’ve just spent a bazillion bucks when you could have purchased one of our stainless steel bottles ONCE!  Makes sense right? We’re pretty clever…

Our stainless steel water bottles have a screw top lid which means they won’t leak through your handbag, and being stainless steel means that that one time you add some red cordial to your water won’t stain the bottle – it rinses clean every time. In fact, I sometimes use mine for coffee! Yeah baby!

Do your hip pocket and the environment a favour and add one of these stainless steel water bottles to your shopping cart today. Don’t like this pattern? That’s ok, we won’t take it personally. Instead, check out the other designs we have on offer and choose one of those.

It’s colourful, it’s fun, it’s YOURS! Well, almost…you gotta click on that buy now button first…

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Double walled stainless steel water bottle with secure screw top lid.


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