Meet Peggy, a 1975 bright orange VW Kombi.

Just like other cars during the ages (think Kit from Knightrider, Baby from Supernatural, The Delorian…) Peggy has become her own entity – full of personality and fun!

Inspired by Peggy, and the joy that classic ‘vee dubs’ bring everyone in general, Peggy’s owners have curated an online store unlike any other – filled to the brim of road trippin’ goodies to bring a piece of Kombi fun into your life!

We have sourced the best printers in the world to bring our exclusive designs to life on high quality items including tees, leggings, cushions and more. Our Aussie suppliers bring flair to this road trip with an exciting range of bamboo travel mugs and stainless steel water bottles.

Just like she enjoys an open road with no set destination, Peggy isn’t one for strict niches.

Along with Kombi vans and other VW delights, you’ll find yourself smiling at our range of happy campers and classic car inspired designs. We’ve even brought some superheroes along for the ride with a fun twist on pop culture icons.

Join the road trip!

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Peggy the Kombi is currently based in Townsville, North Queensland.